So it never ceases to amaze me just how much of my life has become me muttering under my breath phrases such as “for fucks sake” or you “you have got to be fucking be kidding me.”  Between my husband and my children every ounce of rational sanity has been sucked from my tired body.  I am one eye-roll away from ‘mom goes bat shit crazy, tune in at 11.”

Between the irritated sighs, snotty tones, and blatant no’s I have been left questioning my very purpose here on this earth.  I mean, other than to cook, clean, chauffeur to and from activities and social events, and pay for everything what is my purpose here?  If you think I’m exaggerating then either you don’t have kids and a husband or you have stumbled upon some magical spell that you really need to share with the rest of us haggard, short-fused struggling moms.

Both my husband and kids claim that all I do is yell, and they probably are right.  Of course they glaze over all the times I’ve asked nicely, patiently, and with love.  They only seem to recollect the times I’ve yelled so loud that even the neighbors took notice.  Why does it even have to get to that point?  My husband is equally as guilty.  I tell him things and he just tunes me out.  Then we fight about it later when he drops the ball claiming he never heard me.  God forbid anyone in my household communicates with one another.  Oh but wait, for all of them to communicate they would all need to put down their devices and actually speak to me.

So what’s it going to take? I wish I knew.  In this technologically driven world I am afraid we’ve done more harm than good.  Gone is the art of conversation and face-to-face communication.  We are all about texting, face-bookinging, tick-tocking, instagramming, gaming, and snap-chatting.  We are losing what inherently makes us people.  Try to limit device time or take them away and you would think that I have forever destroyed their lives.  It’s pathetic.  Entitlement runs rampant because social media allows it to.  It’s not for a lack of rules in my household because they exist, however the masses of social media and influence seem to be stronger.  Even when I take it away they are exposed to it through school and their friends.  There is no avoiding it, especially when I am attempting to limit it because it has become part of our culture.  And by becoming part of our culture is has forever skewed the perception of current generations…. Does anyone else worry about the impact that technology has had on our kids and how it ultimately is impacting who they are and what they will become?