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With homework time there should be alcohol….lots and lots of alcohol…

Okay moms of school-age children - I don't know about you, but in my household, homework time is fraught with moans, groans, whining, meltdowns, and repetitive phrases of "this is so hard."  They barely have their assignments out of their... Continue Reading →

Today I was the nurse….

   Today I had to look a family in the eyes and tell them that the needed to prepare themselves for the worst - that their mom, their sister, their friend might die.  Today I looked into the eyes of... Continue Reading →

The faces of angels…

They may try my patience throughout the day.  The may be loud, intense, demanding, needy, and inquisitive.  They may be full of energy, high-spirited, occasionally whiney, and sometimes rude.  They may zap my energy, test me often, and push me... Continue Reading →


     Maybe it's because I am a mom and my time is already spoken for so those things that I need to do for myself take a back seat until the last possible second.  Maybe it's because I seem... Continue Reading →

Finding my voice….Why I blog.

Sometimes amidst all of the chaos that is my life, the only tranquility that I can claim for myself is this time - the stolen 5 or 10 minutes in which I can express my feelings, vent my frustrations, share... Continue Reading →

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