What Motherhood Has Taught Me….

A mom shares lessons learned as she juggles her family and career….



Finding Work-Life Balance

Recently I was forced to take a long hard look at my career and make a decision about what it is that I wanted. Months prior I had been asked to take on some additional responsibilities and did so; but... Continue Reading →

A creative outlet for my crazy

When you are a working mom you struggle to find that delicate balance between family, work obligations, and life's general challenges. ¬†Sometimes (okay who am I kidding), most days I feel like I am a robot with a checklist of... Continue Reading →

When mommy needs some sleep….

I freely admit that I have been burning the candle at both ends and it's starting to show. ¬†With the kids back in school I've added overseeing homework (just shoot me now) and making lunches to my already lengthy list... Continue Reading →

Today I was the nurse….

   Today I had to look a family in the eyes and tell them that the needed to prepare themselves for the worst - that their mom, their sister, their friend might die.  Today I looked into the eyes of... Continue Reading →


     Maybe it's because I am a mom and my time is already spoken for so those things that I need to do for myself take a back seat until the last possible second.  Maybe it's because I seem... Continue Reading →

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