What Motherhood Has Taught Me….

A mom shares lessons learned as she juggles her family and career….



What if I am Pregnant – at 41?

So a few months back I had a heart to heart with my OB-GYN regarding the birth control pill I had been on for the last 3 years.  In a nutshell I told her how much I hated it.  I... Continue Reading →

New Year, Same Old Challenges

I approached 2018 with cautious optimism.  In my head I had plotted out how I hoped this new year would unfold.  My marriage would somehow get easier.  My husband and I would start communicating better.  He might actually be interested... Continue Reading →

My Mid-Life Crisis

I just read the most fantastic article titled The New Midlife Crisis - Why (and How) It's Hitting Gen X Women by Ada Calhoun, and couldn't help but think - "Holy shit I am not crazy but rather I am... Continue Reading →

When I am sick….Points to Ponder

As moms and wives we are the glue that holds it all together.  We are the cooks, the cleaner-uppers, the bill -payers, the chauffeurs, the enforcers, the organizers, the supporters, the cheerleaders, the nurses of boo-boos and illnesses, and we... Continue Reading →

When Your Moving Estimate = You Own To Much S**t

We are moving.... something which I have shared before and something which has become the perfect blogging fodder. So we had two moving companies come this past week to give us estimates on how much it was going to cost... Continue Reading →

More Points I Ponder as a Both a Wife and Mom…The Saga Continues…

 If my toddler is gonna end up in my bed every night then why at least can't I end up with her upper half snuggled against me rather than her feet kicking me in the head? Why when I tell... Continue Reading →

Entitlements of a Mom….

Motherhood comes with many entitlements that may not be understood by some - but will definitely be understood by other moms.  They are as follows....  It is perfectly acceptable to hide chocolate from both your kids and your husband and... Continue Reading →

Things I have learned as both a wife and mom – episode ???

 Inevitably after you clean the entire house your kids will want a snack, and usually it will be crackers or something similar that leaves lots of crumbs. My husband deals with the kids a fraction of the day and often... Continue Reading →

Words, Phrases, and Sounds Every Mom Dreads Hearing…

A compilation of words, phrases, and sounds both I and my fellow mom friends have heard over the years....Feel free to add your own.... "I don't feel so good." "I'm think I'm gonna throw-up." The sound of vomiting. "But why?"... Continue Reading →

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