What Motherhood Has Taught Me….

A mom shares lessons learned as she juggles her family and career….



Update: My Mood Controlled….???

So after my horrific monthly hormonal upheavals led me to ask my doctor if I 'd finally gone off the deep end and I learned instead that I had PMDD.... After doing battle with the insurance company who (unbeknownst to... Continue Reading →

When health insurance companies dictate your care….

So a few months back I blogged about the complete meltdown that I had just prior to my period - which when it arrived explained a lot of where my crazy was coming from. ¬†However, it was very disconcerting to... Continue Reading →

Hormonal upheaval….

Remember that temper tantrum I didn't want to have the other day because I thought it would be frowned upon - well today I had it. ¬†The last few days of whining and talking back coupled with the constant bickering... Continue Reading →

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