What Motherhood Has Taught Me….

A mom shares lessons learned as she juggles her family and career….



They’re Testing My Patience….Every Single Day…

As a parent I know it's important to be patient, to have patience, and to demonstrate patience.  However, that is a near to impossible undertaking, at least in my household.  Take for instance any simple request, like "Please brush your... Continue Reading →

What snow days really are….

To your kids.... Snow days are wonderfully perfect days to run amuck, create chaos, fight and bicker amongst themselves, and ultimately proclaim loudly how bored they are despite the fact that they could either go outside and play in the... Continue Reading →

The doctor’s appointment joke…

   I finally broke down and made a doctor's appointment today.  After 2 weeks of coughing and hacking my brains out I decided that I had had a enough and I'd better go get checked out.  Even though I was... Continue Reading →

Update: My Mood Controlled….???

So after my horrific monthly hormonal upheavals led me to ask my doctor if I 'd finally gone off the deep end and I learned instead that I had PMDD.... After doing battle with the insurance company who (unbeknownst to... Continue Reading →

Hormonal upheaval….

Remember that temper tantrum I didn't want to have the other day because I thought it would be frowned upon - well today I had it.  The last few days of whining and talking back coupled with the constant bickering... Continue Reading →

Hey patience where are you?

I once read a funny quote that went something like "patience is what you have when there are witnesses." I don't remember who to give the credit to for that, but the words made me laugh and then made me... Continue Reading →

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