What Motherhood Has Taught Me….

A mom shares lessons learned as she juggles her family and career….


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Why Motherhood Gets My Panties in a Bunch…

As a mother, I've come to realize that there are quite a few things that give me anxiety, are cause for me to worry, or result in my high level of stress. ¬†Interestingly enough, they're not the big things you... Continue Reading →

Time to Share the Workload – Hello Mr. Mom

Do I stay up late and enjoy the peace and quiet or do I go to bed and, if I'm lucky get a solid 6 hours of sleep.... Hmm it's such a hard choice. ¬†The same can be said for... Continue Reading →

The Bullying Epidemic

A problem as old as time, yet one that continues to exist, and if anything has only gotten more powerful - thanks in part to social media, parental ignorance, and a generation of entitlement. If you are a parent whose... Continue Reading →

Things I have learned as both a wife and mom – episode ???

¬†Inevitably after you clean the entire house your kids will want a snack, and usually it will be crackers or something similar that leaves lots of crumbs. My husband deals with the kids a fraction of the day and often... Continue Reading →

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